Remote location specialists

We can pretty much do anything in the civil engineering space.

That includes a complete design, planning and engineering service for the construction of civil earthworks projects such as dams, roads and lease pads.

View our extensive list of capabilites:

  • Gas and oil well lease site preparation through our Rig Ready® system

  • New road construction

  • Maintenance of existing road infrastructure

  • Road rehabilitation and repair

  • Civil earthworks for process facility construction

  • Construction of all-weather airstrips

  • Earthworks preparation for rail line construction

  • Construction of water storage dams and ponds

  • Camp-site preparation

  • Construction of lay down areas

  • Site preparation for industrial buildings and offices

  • Pipeline and power line Right of Way (ROW) clearance and construction

  • Site rehabilitation

  • Dust suppression

  • Heavy transport solutions

  • Water haulage

  • General labour services